About Garden Vision

We are Gardenvision. Above all else, Gardenvision is a collection of people who are dedicated to creating shopper experiences that are rewarding for all parties involved—the consumer, the retailer, and the supplier. For most of us, though physically drained after a long day's work, there is no better feeling than turning back to look one last time at the garden center presentation that we have created—it's a snapshot moment of beauty, precision, and potential. For us, it's a little like watching the sun set—there is no more perfect moment.

Such passion for the end result allows us to do some really special things. Unlike most Merchandising Service Organizations, we rely on our Merchandisers more than anyone else to drive our compliance and our execution. Our Supervisors function principally as hiring and training managers, and drive our Culture of Accountability initiative not with whips, but with kudos. As a result, the requirements of execution that most companies are excited about complying with are only the foundation for us, upon which we build additional displays and concepts that create a WOW! factor and engage the consumer in ways that encourage impulse and attachment buys.

It's been that way since 2004, when we became an independent company within the Costa family of companies. Although we are currently serving only the Southeastern US, we have prepared to expand our service area at a moment's notice through mentoring and development programs for our best and brightest. And this year, the CARE initiative has made that focus even sharper with the senior managers dedicating their efforts to the employees of the company and to their development and preparation for the future.

Please get to know us through this website. We are proud of what we do and the way in which we do it, and are happy to share that with you.

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